Each month we will answer a handful of questions we receive via website or through social media channels. They will be answered either by one of our designers, management, or reps.

This month’s questions will be answered by our Pro Rep Chris Joswiak.

Q. How do I create a one-of-a-kind set of Brian’s like I often see on your site and social media?

A. It really is a simple process. First, initiate contact with your favorite Brian’s dealer, if you don’t have a store yet; please use our dealer locator to find the one nearest you. The store will help you get the details together on your design idea as well as formulate your specs. They will then work together with Brian’s and yourself. A quote and template will be produced and then it is as simple as approving, ordering, and waiting! - Chris

Q. Do the pro’s gear get made in the same place and same way as mine?

A. Yes! What is unique with Brian’s is that every piece of domestic gear (G-NETik and SubZero models) are made in the same Canadian factory and using the same exact hands of our pro builders. The gear goes through the same rigorous guidelines as if they were for an NHL goaltender. With Brian’s, rest assured that all the same materials, technology, and craftsmanship are put into every piece of the equipment, no expense is spared. - Chris

Q. How do I get my custom set featured on the Brian’s social media or Pad of the Week!

A. There is no exact science or way to guarantee this! Much of it is luck, depending if your gear is around during photography, but generally, there is a greater chance of it making it if it stands out from the crowd! Unique sets usually make it on one or more of our channels. I also take bribes : ) – Chris

Q. Does Brian’s sell direct? Or is there any way you can sponsor me?

A. Unfortunately we do not sell direct nor do we offer sponsorships. Every set of equipment unless purchased directly by a pro team or college must be purchased through a Certified Brian’s Dealer. – Chris

Q. Chris, what do you think is the best feature on the Brian’s equipment?

A. That’s easy. Smart straps. They were revolutionary when introduced on the first gen SubZero leg pads. We were the first who dared to make a production model in recent years that provided strictly Velcro/elastic on the calf and knee. It wasn’t as simple as ripping off the leather straps and placing these there instead. Special testing, engineering, and materials had to be applied to give the performance, feel, and durability that you see on the pad today. These straps have been so widely received, we have not looked back and many of our competitors are now using similar methods of strapping. Smart straps also allow for the pad to be worn looser or tighter than traditional straps, allow the pressure to be applied at different parts of the league, and aid in better rotation. Not to mention, they allow you to strap in/out of the pad instantaneously and the straps tightness is always set the way you want it. - Chris

Thanks for your questions! Feel free to send us your questions to our social media @goaliesonly or using the contact us on our site.